HTS (High Tear Strength)

High Tear Strength Insulating Blanket

  • A superior quality blanket built to save contractors money on tarps and construction heating costs. “R” value of .85 (National Research Council of Canada Rated).HTS
  • Available in 12’ x 20’ size.


  • APPLICATION: Ideal for hoarding or concrete curing applications
  • VALUE:  These blankets are made from a thick fabric and built to last for more than one construction season. Their superior insulating properties combined with the extended life of the tarp make them a better value than economy tarps.
  • SUPERIOR INSULATION: This blanket is twice as thick as regular insulated tarpsNational Research Council certified “R” value of .85 will save money on construction heat costs.
  • PACKAGING:  Tarps are individually folded, packaged, banded and labelled. Larger orders are assembled on 4’W x 7’L x 7’4” H pallets for direct shipment to the job site reducing handling costs.
  • CONSTRUCTION: 1/4” thick layer of closed cell foam sandwiched between two layers of 4.25 oz. orange reinforced polyethylene, brass eyelets installed on approximately 24” centres.  Perimeter edges are cuffed and double stitched.
    • 14 x 10 tapes/sq. inch
    • UV additives in coating and tapes
    • High tear strength tapes
    • Grab tensile – Warp 125 lbs.
    • Blanket weight – 24 lbs.