Transparent Divider Curtains / Sneeze Guards

Transparent Divider Curtain / Sneeze Guard installedProtect your front-line employees and customers from the potential spread of COVID-19 with our custom made transparent divider curtains. A must for any customer checkout or reception area!

Economical, customizable and easy to install.

  • Made from 20 gauge clear pvc
  • In most cases ready in less 48 hours
  • Crystal clear
  • Easy to wipe clean and sanitize
  • Custom sizes, cut-outs, and prints available and encouraged.

Transparent Divider Curtain / Sneeze Guard, removedOur barrier solutions physically enforce safe distancing and help eliminate contact with airborne droplets and other contaminants via coughing and sneezing. Full protection from ceiling to countertop for 100% protection. Not just a small safety shield style barrier that fails to prevent air and droplets from flying over and around

For use in any customer service or point of purchase location including grocery stores, convenience stores, coffee shops, banks, hotels, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, dental offices, gas stations, etc.

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