High Temperature

At CTM we carry many technical fabrics specifically designed to perform well in environments where barriers from high temperatures are required.

APPLICATION: High Temperature curtains have a wide range of uses, examples include:

  • To divide work areas and help create a safer environment
  • Heating specific areas and helping to prevent heat loss
  • Plant operations for keeping large stationary equipment partitioned off
  • Temporary curtains for dividing construction areas and plant operations


Flame Resistance describes a material that burns slowly or is self-extinguishing after removal of an external source of ignition.

Flame Retardant is a chemical whose application provides flame resistance.

Note that if a textile is rated with an F.R test result, it does not necessarily mean that the fabric in question won’t burn. The tests determine if it will burn and measure the burn rate.

CTM’s 5.5 oz. FR Reinforced Polyethylene has the following Flame Retardant rating:

  • California Fire Marshal, NFPA-701, CAN/ULC S-109, CPA1-84 (1995-Section 5 and 6), Boston Fire Marshal