Strip Curtains

Strip curtains provide an excellent partition or door way for any high traffic area.


  • Entry ways to coolers or freezers
  • Entry ways into high temperature areas of buildings
  • Dividers between working areas
  • Entry ways into welding areas or booths
  • High traffic passage ways

MATERIAL OPTIONS: Strip curtains are made from either clear PVC or coloured PVC welding screen material.

  • Clear PVC comes in 20, 30, or 40 Gauge
  • 14 Gauge PVC comes in transparent green, orange, yellow, or blue
  • Custom materials also available upon request


  • All strip curtains are made with 50% overlap coverage in order to achieve maximum air stoppage.
  • 2 grommets are installed at the top of each strip for easy replacement

Additional Option:

  • ¼” chain is sewn into bottom of each individual strip for weight in order to prevent curling of strips