Wash Bay

Wash Bay curtains are a great way to create washing stalls at minimal cost.Wash-Bay-Curtain---Industrial---Curtains---Wash-Bay-Description-image

MATERIALS: Wash bay curtains are recommended to be made from 18oz PVC and/or 20 Gauge PVC.

  • The 18oz. PVC comes in a variety of colors to match any décor or company colors
  • 20 Gauge clear PVC add transparent sections to allow light through and to add visibility in walking areas


  • Hems are all reinforced to extend the life of wash bay curtains.
  • PVC is a durable long lasting material that will provide years of service.
  • PVC is easily washed off and does not stain easily.


  • Pockets can be sewn into bottom for rods or chains to be added to weigh down bottom of curtain