Replacement Covers

Fabric Shelter Covers are custom made to your specifications from reinforced polyethylene. Replacement covers will renew any make of shelter. Engineered for agricultural or industrial use.  Bright, pleasing conditions in a weather protected environment from covers manufactured here in Canada.replacement-covers

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN:  Double-stitched construction throughout all hems and sewing along belting ensures maximum strength.  Welded seams (similar to a metal weld) with heat sealing, bonds the cover together; this feature makes the cover totally waterproof.
  • SIZES:  Custom made to fit any size structure.
  • BEST QUALITY MATERIAL: The cover is made with a 12.0 oz. reinforced  polyethylene fabric (manufactured in Canada) and noted for being among the strongest and most durable of this weight available anywhere.
  • DURABLE ACCESSORIES: Durable D-rings are made from heavy gauge wire.  After forming, the D-rings are welded and plated to ensure maximum strength and durability.  Spaced on 18 inch inreplacement-covers-2tervals on 4 sides, this ensures enough tie-downs to properly secure the cover.  All D-rings have a 1 ½ inch piece of webbing over PVC belting.  Welded pockets.
  • VARIETY OF COLOUR AND DESIGN OPTIONS: A variety of designs and sizes are available to meet your needs of length, width, and height.  Colours available to choose from include Silver/White, Blue/White, Green/White, Tan/White, Red/White, White/White and Translucent.  We carry flame retardant and non-flame retardant covers.