Power Blanket

Powerblankets® deliver a barrier of uniform heat directly where you want it. Even heat distribution reduces downtime,
PowerBlanket---Industiral----Powerblanket-Descritpion--image1saves products and increases profitability.

  • APPLICATIONS:  Curing concrete, preventing fluids from freezing, pipe warming, control valve warming, barrel warming, tote heating, propane cylinder warming and thawing frozen ground are some of the applications suited for a Powerblanket®.
  • INSTALLATION:  Easy to install and remove, requires no tools.  Simply install the Powerblanket® where you want even heat distribution and plug it in to the nearest 120 VAC or 240 VAC receptacle.
  • FUNCTION: Powerblankets® are a high efficiency, low energy consumption alternative to construction heaters, they operate on standard 120 VAC or 240 VAC, and draw low amperage (2 to 20 amps depending on Powerblanket® size).
  • PowerBlanket---Industiral----Powerblanket-Descritpion--image2OPERATING CONDITIONS:  The standard Powerblanket® working temperature rating is -29⁰ F however they can be ordered with an Arctic rating that enables them to work in temperatures as low as -65⁰ F.
  • CERTIFIED:  Powerblankets® are certified to ULC, CSA, and CID2-T4 safety standards.