Welding screens protect employees from welding flash, flash burn and sparks. Screens are an inexpensive alternative to fixed walls and can be used in manufacturing and industrial settings.welding-screens-flash_clip_image002

  • TRANSPARENT: Curtains allow light to pass through the partitioned area for added security and safety.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION:  #2 brass eyelets spaced on 12” intervals.  Edges hemmed and reinforced with webbing to provide additional strength and support for the eyelets.
  • COLOUR VARIETY: Screens are made with semi-transparent orange, yellow, blue and green materials, and include flame retardant ratings for hazardous locations.
  • CUSTOM SIZES:  We can provide specially designed curtains and track suspension systems to meet your specific needs or you can purchase screen material straight off the roll.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH:  14 gauge, Flame Retardant.