Seat Covers

We offer a range of seat covers custom made to fit any vehicle you may have in your fleet. Seat covers can be made from Duradon Canvas, Smooth Vinyl, or PVC. All materials are strong, reliable, and help protect your seats no matter what circumstances you may encounter on the job.

We have many seat patterns on hand that we have accumulated over the years and we are always open to developing a pattern for whatever vehicle you may require a seat cover for.

Seat Patterns stocked include:

  • Bostrum – High and Low back
  • 835V – Versatile
  • Mine Rescue Vehicle
  • BJ 75 – Driver Style
  • BJ 75 – Passenger Style
  • HJ 79 – Drivers Style
  • HJ 79 – Passenger Style
  • BJ-40 and BJ-42 Old Style
  • And many more