Ice Time Rink Kit

Embrace winter in your own backyard.  A backyard ice surface is the perfect place for new skaters to find their balance recreation-ice-time-rink-kit_clip_image002and for hockey fans to practice their slap shots.

With the Ice Time Rink Kit, regardless of your construction ability, you’ll be able build a beautiful backyard ice surface.

  • Customizable sizes
    • This kit allows the user to make their Backyard Ice Surface any size and shape – rectangular, oval, circular or square.
    • Standard Ice Time Rink Kit sizes include:
      • 20’ x 30’
      • 30’ x 40’
      • 30’ x 50’
  • Easily assembled and Installed
    • No fuss or trouble
    • Easy to follow instructions
  • Durable components
    • The Ice Time Rink Kit will last for many years (if properly installed and cared for).
  • Easily stored components
    • The Ice Time Rink Kit can be stored in a 3 cubic foot box.