RV Patio Mats

Keep your RV living space clean inside and out with a lightweight, easy to use RV Patio Mat from Canadian Tarpaulin Manufacturers Ltd.

  • Each mat comes complete with reinforced brass eyelets and anchors to secure the RV Patio mat in place.
  • Spray cleaned with a hose, this RV Patio Mat dries in minutes.RV-Patio-Mat---Recreation--Menu-image-for-RV-Mats-and-RV-Patio-Mats-Description-Image
  • Comes with a convenient, breathable, mesh storage bag.
  • Made from a mold and mildew resistant green mesh material. This mat is breathable and will not smother the grass.
  • One year warranty
  • Many sizes available to choose from:
    • 8 feet
    • 10 feet
    • 12 feet
    • 14 feet
    • 16 feet
    • 18 feet
    • 20 feet
    • 24 feet

All RV mats are 8 feet wide