D.E.F. Tank Covers

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Insulated Tank Covers


Insulated D.E.F tank covers are designed for Canadian winters to keep your truck up and running throughout the year.

The insulated D.E.F tank cover keeps the urea at a more stable temperature and helps to prevent ice from forming in your tank and clogging your Selective Catalytic Reaction (SCR) system. This helps to reduce downtime saving you both time and money through the winter months.


  • Outside layers made from 18oz Super-Flex PVC – (same PVC used in lumber tarps)
  • 1/4” Etha-Foam insulation between the layers of PVC
  • Heavy Duty straps with clip buckles for securing tank cover
  • Filler cap flap that velcro’s shut to seal out the elements until you are ready to fill the tank

*Large D.E.F tank covers come with one side containing high temp. Silicone Cloth for protection against the heat of the exhaust pipe

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