Reinforced Poly Tarps

  • reinforced-polyethyleneCost effective method of enclosing scaffold structures, erecting debris control, and providing protection from the elements on the job site.
  • Ideal for hoarding covers, tarps, curtains, sheeting and shrouds.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No grommets or hems. Simply cut the length of hoarding required and secure it to the scaffold with bungee balls, zip ties or tarp straps.
  • PACKAGING: Shipped on 20’ x 100’ rolls, for easy handling and job site storage.
  • TRANSLUCENT: Natural colour allows the light to pass through and illuminate the work area.
  • CONSTRUCTION WEIGHT: 2.95 oz/square yard, 10 x 8 tapes/square inch, reinforced polyethylene, flexible and easy to handle in winter conditions.